Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
(University of Delhi)

Accredited by NAAC with A Grade

Cultural And Fine Arts

Convener (2023-24): Ms. Pooja Rani, Department of Geography

The outstanding Cultural Council of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College is the institution’s pride. It is an umbrella body comprising eleven societies: Film Tantra (film making and film appreciation society), Envision (the photography society), Audiophile (the music society), Meraki (the bilingual creative writing society), Promethean (the fine arts society), Spardha (the dance society), Natuve (the theatre society), Sarvagya (the Hindi debating society), Minerva (the quizzing society), the English Debating Society and Noor (the fashion society). The annual cultural fest of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College held every year in March witnesses the enthusiastic participation of students from the numerous colleges of DU as well as different educational institutions of Delhi NCR. All the societies of the Cultural Council organize events throughout the year. They also participate in inter-college, inter-university and National level competitions and win laurels for the college.

Filmtantra, the film-making and film appreciation society, aims to bring independent cinema that breaks the barriers of form, language and subject matter to a large student audience by organizing regular screenings and an annual film festival ‘CINEVILLE’ SBSC. Apart from this, Filmtantra has active social media accounts wherein film reviews, updates of film screenings and workshops in and around Delhi are updated. This year the Cineville Annual Film festival became The Largest Student- Run Film Festival in India. With over 17 movie screenings featuring the best of Indie cinema, panel discussions with Panelists Tushar Singhal (AD Piku, Pink, Sardar Udham) and Jiya Bhardwaj (AD Fan and Aankhon Dekhi), and multiple competitions to challenge and inspire cinema lovers was a four-day celebration of life behind the screen.

Envision, the photography society, sees the world from behind its lenses, noticing beauty in the seemingly mundane, bringing what usually goes unnoticed to the fore. Members of Envision showcase their photographs at photo exhibitions across the city. The society also tirelessly covers all the events held in the college and sometimes in other DU colleges. The members of the society won numerous awards in the events organized by colleges all across Delhi. Envision also successfully published its first Fashion Magazine, “ENCANTO”, in collaboration with Noor, the Fashion Society of the college.

Audiophile, Founded in 2011, Audiophile: The Music Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College has had quite a noteworthy journey in the DU Music Circuit. Functioning through its three core segments: the Band, the Indian Classical Choir, and the Western Acapella Group, the society has won numerous accolades over the years. Their bands over the years have consistently performed and have been among the top bands in their years. This year they organized Swaratmika’22 in a hybrid manner, having both online and offline elements wherein instead of putting colleges against each other through competitions, they celebrated the art of music and showcased the talent of musicians from the DU Circuit.

Meraki is the Bilingual Creative Writing Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, a community of writers, poets and performers, writers who are proficient with their pen but also articulate orators and slam poets. It is a fraternity that appreciates and promotes all forms of writing. The society organizes a number of writing, publishing and copywriting workshops round the year. As a part of the Annual Fest, Alfaaz, Meraki organizes 4 events: Jabberwocky - The English Slam Poetry Event, The Hindi Slam Poetry Event, instinct- The Creative Writing Event, Barge in the Monologue- the Jam Session

Promethean, The Fine Arts Society is the creative force of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. Society encourages creative minds to improve their skills, thereby giving them a platform to display their creativity and imagination. It acts as a stepping stone providing its members with a platform to showcase their skills and explore to the fullest. Promethean is a renowned Fine arts Society of the Delhi University art circuit. With artists well-endowed with talent and determination, Promethean has improved big time with every passing year and stood out from the crowd by virtue of its uniqueness and innovation. Promethean has always tried its best to explore, create and evolve as a society and will continue to do so. The society participated in the Sanjay Camp event, wherein the society assisted in painting murals in the slum area of Chanakyapuri. Besides this, the society won several prizes throughout the year in various inter-college and inter-university tournaments. Spardha, the dance society of the college, is ranked as the best dance society at Delhi University. It is also regarded as one of the best college dance crews in India after winning competitions all over the country, including the Street Dance Competition in Asia’s largest festival: Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay, three times in a row. Spardha has won the first position at Cresendo SBSC, Meri college, IIM Lucknow, Amity Noida, IIT Palakkad and Capital Chills. Spardha has secured the second position at BVP Paschim Vihar, Symbiosis Noida, NSUT streets and NSUT western, LBSIM, GD Goenka Gurgaon, and IIM Amritsar. Spardha has secured the third position at JDMC college. Moreover, Spardha has also featured in music videos of Artists like Raftaar, Honey Singh, etc. Spardha organized competitions/ battles like the Soul Kingdom, judged by Simi Talsania and was a huge success.

Natuve, the Theatre Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, brings immersive theatre to the University of Delhi by indulging the audience in the plays they perform. The theatre society has been working since 2010. The society indulges in street and stage theatre and is regarded as one of the best five theatre societies at Delhi University. The society organizes street play and stage play festivals, Paigaam and Space, respectively. Hosting the best campus theatre teams with an approximate footfall of 3000-4000 people, including many theatre enthusiasts in Delhi, Paigaam evokes the revolutionary essence of street plays, thereby spreading significant social messages alongside.

Minerva, The Quizzing Society is remarkably the most prestigious platform for enduring the uttermost vision of college-level quizzing and getting the hang of its genres in science and technology, history and culture, literature, mythology and many more. Society opens up a diverse window of opportunities among its members to explore a diverse range of subjects and familiarize themselves with compatible individuals, providing chances to collaborate on different levels. This society unfolds and encourages the ‘keen to know’ brilliant minds to participate in quiz events and sessions, which help them develop an acumen for quizzing. It holds annual events in its fest and sessions, which are accessible to all the students within the University. This society is for individuals who love going out of the general scope of their academic courses and delving deeper into new dimensions

Noor, The Fashion Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College was established as a result of the urge of fashion, presenting yourself, being comfortable in your own skin, and flaunting it your way. Since its inception, it has been a wonderful journey of creating aesthetic dresses, working on production and performing on several stages with the same enthusiasm and energy. Society is much more than just pretty faces, which embraces glamorous models and talented designers and accommodates skilful makeup artists, hairstylists, designers and diligent individuals who handle public relations. It organized many events, online as well as offline mode. The first-ever online event, Mystique’21, was an inter-college competition for designing, make-up and models. The event was a great success. The society collaborated with Promethean, The Fine arts Society, for an event that depicted that when art meets fashion, it does wonder. It joined hands with Girlup Adira on the occasion of International Women’s Day to organize an empowering walk, BREAK THE BIAS. Lastly, it teamed up with Envision, the photography society for the Annual Fashion Magazine, ENCANTO.

The English Debating Society strives to create a space where all ideas can be shared and discussed, with rational thought and logical reasoning being the two cornerstones of this discourse. It strongly believes that in a world that is getting increasingly polarized, it is extremely important to explore a million shades of grey that exist between black and white. The society has conducted and participated in tournaments at the national & international levels throughout the year. Having sent huge contingents to various university level tournaments, the society won laurels at the prestigious competitions of colleges like SRCC, IIT Delhi, NLSIU, Sri Venkateswara, Hindu, Hansraj and Ramjas, among several others. With a rising presence in the debate circuit, the English debsoc of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College conducted its flagship event, SBS BPD and saw enormous participation not just from India but also from countries like Bangladesh, China, Philippines and Malaysia, to name a few. Additionally, the society organized a fundraiser tournament, ‘Rahat’ as a collaborative effort, through which they raised a total of INR 1,11,000 and donated it to two organizations working towards providing COVID relief.

Sarvagya, the Hindi debating society, works to establish the students’ knowledge of reasoning, selfconfidence, discretion and patience. The society actively conducts weekly sessions and in-depth analyses on various issues. It has organized two parliamentary debate competitions smoothly at the national level. The society members actively participated and represented the college in various competitions and have won the title of runner-up, semi-finalist and quarter-finalist in the parliamentary debate competitions, 44 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, NAAC Accredited ‘A’ Grade and participated in traditional and other debate competitions. The flag of victory has been waved in more than 30 traditional debate competitions. Apart from this, the Sarvagya Society has also participated in youth parliamentary competitions.