Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
(University of Delhi)

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The Heritage Club

Indian heritage is incredibly diverse and rich, shaped by thousands of years of civilization and cultural interactions. It encompasses a vast array of religions, languages, art forms, philosophies, traditions, and customs that have evolved over time. To explore the riches of our heritage, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College has established this club recently under the guidance of our honorable Principal, Prof. Arun Kumar Attree, on 23rd January 2023. The Heritage Club of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College is a place for all the heritage enthusiasts, who are proud of our Indian heritage and would like to not only explore its diversity, but also want to create awareness and work for its conservation. The club does not work only with the tangible aspects of Indian culture but also highlights the intangible gems lying unexplored in the remote places of India.

This Club aims to work in accordance with the spirit of the National Education Policy, 2020 (NEP) as it promotes Indian culture and ethics as well as provides vocational knowledge in the field. Our college wants to create a prototype that can be implemented at the university level where every student of the institution will get a platform to showcase his/her heritage in the form of write-ups or visual documents. In addition to providing a platform for students within our institution, the club also endeavors to explore avenues for student exchange programs. By participating in these programs, our students will have the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the heritage of other countries, expanding their understanding and appreciation of global cultural diversity. Simultaneously, we intend to organize heritage educational tours within India, where students can experience firsthand the rich historical sites and cultural landmarks that our country has to offer.

The club's mission is to foster a deep appreciation among students for their diverse backgrounds and rich heritage, regardless of their chosen fields of study. It aims to cultivate an understanding that each individual experiences and embraces their heritage in unique ways. The primary goal of the club is to empower its members with the skills and knowledge necessary to recognize and showcase the multifaceted aspects of their tangible and intangible heritage to a global audience.

To further propagate its message, the club is actively working towards launching an add-on course on Indian Heritage and Culture. This course will equip students with the tools and insights needed to revisit their respective hometowns/villages and gather information about local monuments, artifacts, traditions, customs, folklore, attire, cuisine, and more. By shedding light on these invaluable cultural assets, the club aspires to present them to the wider world.

Through these endeavors, the club seeks to instill a sense of pride and connection to one's heritage while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultural tapestry that exists within our society. By engaging with and showcasing their heritage, students will play an active role in preserving and promoting their cultural identity on a global scale.

The club focuses on educating members and the wider college community about the importance of cultural heritage. This includes organizing workshops, seminars, and lectures on topics such as history, art, traditional crafts, and architecture with the following objectives

• To help students in the identification, protection, and preservation of our cultural and natural heritage.

• To encourage members to engage in research and documentation of local heritage. This can include conducting interviews with local residents, collecting oral histories, and creating archives of traditional knowledge, folklore, and customs.

• To equip members with adequate skills to work in the field of heritage by organizing workshops by the experts, cultural revivalists, and professionals working in the field.

• To guide and prepare members for the various opportunities available to work as volunteers or interns with Governmental Offices like the Ministry of Culture, and NGOs like INTACH or Agha Khan Trust, etc.

• To organize heritage walks both inside and outside the city to make the students familiar with the vibrancy of our heritage and culture.

• To train students to lead heritage walks to create awareness among the masses about the issues related to our heritage.

On the occasion of World Heritage Day(18/04/2023), the Heritage club invited, Prof. Seema Bawa, Head, Department of History, University of Delhi, for a lecture titled “Indian Heritage Calibrating Responses” to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of India. The event aimed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for Indian heritage while calibrating our responses towards its preservation and promotion.

Prof. Seema Bawa, a renowned expert in Indian history and culture, delivered an insightful keynote address. Her eloquence and passion captivated the audience, highlighting the significance of preserving our heritage for future generations. She emphasized the importance of understanding the cultural nuances, historical context, and diverse traditions that contribute to the tapestry of Indian heritage.

With a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, we have embarked on an exciting venture of producing captivating series that celebrate various aspects of Indian culture. Among these a notable project is the "Mithaas - Indian Sweets Series," which takes viewers on a delightful journey through the rich and diverse world of traditional Indian sweets. From the famous Rasgulla of West Bengal to the mouthwatering Mysore Pak of Karnataka, each episode showcases the history, significance, and preparation techniques of these iconic sweets. Additionally, Heritage Club has also created the "Mudra - Indian Classical Dance Series," delving into the intricate art of hand gestures and their symbolic meanings in Indian classical dance forms. Furthermore, we have explored the passion and fervor for cricket with the "Cricket Series," shedding light on the sport's evolution, legendary players, and memorable moments. Through these engaging Instagram series, Heritage Club is igniting curiosity, fostering cultural appreciation, and bringing the essence of Indian heritage to a global audience.

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